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Rabbi's Message

June 14, 2024
8 Sivan 5784
Numbers 4:21 - 7:89

Dear Friends,

In this week’s Torah portion Nasso (Numbers 4:21 - 7:89), we are introduced to the three-fold priestly blessing in this week’s Torah portion. They are a source of light and hope, much like a rainbow.


Part I

May you be acknowledged
May you be blessed and always watched over
May you be guarded, noticed and entertained
May you be comforted by the love of others and the watchful eyes of God
May you be blessed with comfort when times are hard
May you be blessed with recognition and support
May you be protected and may God make sure everything is okay

Part II

May you have someone who understands
May you be blessed with acceptance
May you be warmed by the waters of the world, they will give you the pearls of life (rain)
May you be cared for
May you be blessed with the feeling of sun inside your being