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Blessing Animals

CowChicken.jpgI am surrounded by a plethora of children’s books highlighting the experience of the animals who journeyed on Noah's Ark, an important truth emerges. Our lives as human beings are bound up with the animals who populate our world. We are tethered to one another. We are connected, whether it is the pets with whom we share our homes, the birds who make nests outside of our windows, or the animals who live in far away places.

With that in mind, you are invited to bless the animal inhabitants of our world, acknowledging their companionship, their beauty in its many incarnations, and yes, their place in the food chain. (Unless, of course, you are a vegetarian.) Each of us has the power to create a handmade blessing with meaning.

If you are looking for an action, beyond your personal blessing (send them to me if you wish…) think about the meat that you eat, how it is sourced, and if it is too expensive to buy grass-fed or free-range meat, reduce your weekly meat intake. It is a small step we can each take to protest the way our food is processed.

Past Mitzvot

Sun, June 26 2022 27 Sivan 5782