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Day of Service

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is this Monday, January 15. Since 1994, the holiday has been designated as a National Day of Service. In 1994, Senator Carol Moseley-Braun spoke about "keeping Dr. King's dream alive by making his birthday celebration more than just another day off work, but instead a day for all people to come together to serve their communities."

Senator Moseley-Braun added that "We must continue to recognize the achievements of Dr. King and to build on those achievements as a way of ensuring that his dream will one day become a reality. Dr. King brought out the best in people. The day set aside to honor him should do no less."

The Day of Service is only a beginning. Just as we marked January 1 as the beginning of 2024, so we mark January 15 as the beginning of another year of service to our city.

There are many opportunities to volunteer on Monday in our area. One option is to volunteer at the Riverdale Y -- there are still a few slots available. Click here to see the full schedule and to register. Also consider volunteering at the Y during the year. Small actions lead to large impacts when we work together.

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