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Dror Israel

These past few days continue to take their toll on all of us and will continue to do so. We are angry, we are grief stricken, and we feel helpless. We need a way to channel our feelings toward something positive.  

Here is a way for us to take action in a way that immediately and directly impacts some of those in Israel who were indiscriminately attacked by Hamas. We know that there is more disruption ahead, and we need to do something now.  

Many of you know that my daughter-in-law Judy has a twin sister Phia Blumenthal who lives in Israel. Yesterday we found out more about the crucial work that she, her husband, and Dror Israel are doing in the south of Israel. 

They are taking in children (250 so far) and adults who have lost their homes. They are on the ground taking care of those who have been traumatized by recent events. They desperately need our support.

This past year we welcomed Phia to Tehillah in person to talk about her work to bring diverse groups of people together. The previous year, she shared her work in Poland with Ukrainian refugee children with us via Zoom. Now she is doing that work with Israeli children.

She is currently working as an educator with the day care and programs for traumatized children and families who have been evacuated from Gaza border communities under attack to Dead Sea Hotels, a boarding school in Mitzpe Ramon, and more. These are extremely traumatized children who have lost loved ones and experienced violence first-hand. Phia’s husband Dan has been tasked with creating a supermarket in Mitzpe Ramon as more displaced people and children arrive daily.

There are many worthwhile organizations doing work in Israel. However, I share the work of Dror Israel because whatever support we are able to muster will have a direct effect on those who have experienced trauma firsthand.

I invite you in joining me to make this our mitzvah not just for the week but for the rest of the month.

Update: Thank you for your support! Phia Blumenthal is very grateful for the support of the Tehillah community.

Wed, May 22 2024 14 Iyyar 5784