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George Floyd

It has been the Rabbi’s tradition for quite some time to ask you to reflect on the week just past and think of just one thing each of us can do to make the world better. For the last three months, we have each been doing what we can to flatten the curve. Indeed, here in New York we have done just that by wearing our masks and washing our hands. In the weeks since Shavuot, we have had a revelation of sorts -- an awakening to see the world with fresh eyes.

We have been reminded that there is much work to be done to create a world that is both just and caring for all. Many of you participated in the Monument vigil while others went to Van Cortlandt Park to express the pain that is racism in this country.

Before we can act in ways that are appropriate for each of us, I invite to you join one of the many reading groups that will be happening in our community, both at Tehillah and beyond. This action is not a mitzvah that can be done in one day or one week, so we simply invite you to take the first step. Our task is to not sit idly by; our task is to make the world a better place. Please check your inbox on Sunday for more information.  We invite to read this article in the Forward:

Sat, September 19 2020 1 Tishrei 5781