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Inner Strength

As we light the Chanukiah each night of Chanukah, adding light as we go,
it seems to reflect what we need to do during this darkest time of the year.

On the first night there is but one light. Interestingly, that light is not solitary; the shamash makes the sure that the first light is lit. It is a reminder that though we begin with a light that is inside each and every one of us, we often need that other light, that other spark, to get us going. 

Even when we feel most alone, there is that spark inside each of us. And as we add a light each night we are reminded that we are stronger together, each light added bringing a sense of hope and renewal.

Lighting the candles and reciting the blessings each night is the only mitzvah of Chanukah. May we fulfill the mitzvah and recognize the strength that resides within each of us and that is strengthened when we are joined by others.

Chanukah Sameach!

Thu, July 18 2024 12 Tammuz 5784