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This week’s mitzvah is a request to share next steps toward justice. "Justice, Justice Shall you pursue" is a stark reminder that justice doesn’t just happen -- it takes work and commitment. It happens one step at a time, and steps often need to be repeated over and over again. 

Please share with us what you are doing to be an agent of change. Rabbi Linda will be collating a list of change initiatives that will include all the actions. The list will not include your name as the submitter or those involved in the actions. The intent is to share the breadth of actions in which our community is involved. Please send the actions in which you are involved to

The more we share our stories with one another the stronger we are. Even the smallest steps can create a ripple effect. This week’s Torah portion reminds us to “love our neighbor as ourselves." Whether our actions are large or small, they make a difference. I hope to share some of the steps that you are taking with the community. Thank you all for all that you do in the pursuit of justice in this challenging world of ours.

Fri, August 19 2022 22 Av 5782