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We will be celebrating Thanksgiving next week, as we gather in-person or online with those we love. Every culture that has found its way to these shores has adapted their own unique menu for the holiday. James Beard award winning chef Michael W. Twitty is a case in point, with his book Koshersoul, where he brings together African American and Jewish culinary traditions. We bring together so many strands when we gather together on this day, but most of all we are grateful for the food on the table and the simple gifts that fill our daily lives.

This week in Hebrew School, our children discussed the Modeh Ani, the daily gratitude prayer for being alive.

They wrote their own Kavanah (intention) for this day: 

Thank you, Adonai, for life, resources, food, homes, family, good educations, friends, our minds, brains, knowledge,
our community, music & art.  We hope that people who do not have shelter, get shelter, warm clothes, food, water,
resources and people who care about them.

How can we put this into practice?

Rick Feldman came to Hebrew School last week and talked about the need to supply food for those who are hungry in our neighborhood. He gave out tzedakah boxes as part of the 100 Tzedakah Box Challenge. Our children are collecting change to fill their boxes.  The money will be used to buy produce directly from the farmers at the Sunday Market to go to fill the two community fridges in our neighborhood.

On December 20 we will be counting up all of the coins. Help us in this effort by bringing us your spare change. We are at RYSEC from 4-6 PM on Wednesday. If you have a lot of change to give away and no way to get to RYSEC email us at You can also bring your coins to the Riverdale Y Sunday Market this Sunday and give them to Shira.   Let’s help feed our neighbors as we prepare to feast on Thanksgiving.


Tue, October 3 2023 18 Tishrei 5784