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Go to the Fight Hunger at Passover donation pageAs we get closer to Pesach, we start thinking about the meaning of the Ha Lachma Anya -- All Who Are Hungry Come and Eat. We live in a large city where it's not so easy, even in a non-pandemic year, to welcome a stranger to our seder table. This year, of course, such an action is impossible.

But even if we cannot feed the hungry in person, there are many opportunities to for us to give to organizations that do just that. This week, we encourage you to donate to MAZON.

Per their website: "MAZON channels support from the Jewish community to end hunger in every community — a recognition that struggle is universal, and that human connection runs deep... Inspired by Jewish values and ideals, MAZON is a national organization fighting to end hunger among people of all faiths and backgrounds in the United States and Israel.

Click HERE to learn more about MAZON. You can also go to their page specifically devoted to resources for Passover.

Fri, August 19 2022 22 Av 5782