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Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

This Friday night, we will be joined by Marty Greenberg, who is part of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP). The organization focuses on eliminating the loss of life from suicide by: delivering innovative prevention programs, educating the public, raising funds for suicide research and programs, and reaching out to those who have lost someone to suicide. Suicide prevention is an all important mental health issue. It is in many ways the tip of the iceberg. We hear about those who choose suicide but we do not know about those who could have used more effective support prior to their decision.

This week I invite you to think about mental health differently. In these years of Covid, our own vulnerabilities have been exposed. Mental health is as important as physical health. Take care of yourself and those around you.

Click HERE  if you would like to do make a donation or take the step of speaking about those you have lost to suicide or simply rethink the way in which you approach mental health issues. This week, let us be reminded to not only take care of our bodies but our minds as well.


Tue, October 3 2023 18 Tishrei 5784