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Reading Psalms for Healing

For the last number of months we have highlighted a Mitzvah of the Week, something that each of us can do in the world.

Just about 10 days ago, we asked you to recite psalms on behalf of Debbie Eiseman. Your thoughts and prayers, and those of their friends and families, sent the Eisemans a wellspring of love and hope in a very dark time.

The mitzvah that you were a part of is called Bikur Cholim – visiting the sick. You may say, “But I didn’t visit Debbie, I couldn’t visit Debbie." On the contrary, by turning your thoughts to Debbie’s healing each day, you were visiting her and focusing on her needs.

We are taught that when we visit those who are ill, the visit should be brief and focus upon the needs of the one who is ill. Our task is to be with them. Debbie said that she felt your presence. She is now at home entering another phase of healing.  We ask that you continue reciting psalms.

Click HERE to choose and read a psalm.

Fri, August 19 2022 22 Av 5782