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RUN 4 their lives

Many of us in the Riverdale community have attended recent “Run for Their Lives” events in Manhattan. We are starting our own local group here! Our first gathering will be on Sunday, January 28th.

Our goal is simple: to raise awareness for the release of individuals taken hostage by Hamas in Gaza. And by joining together once a week, we will strengthen our community and foster togetherness and a sense of shared responsibility.  


Every week we will meet as a group for a short walk (or run for those so inclined, but serious runners won’t find this too interesting so walk with us first and then go on your run!). We will do this until the kidnapped are all returned.

Time: Every Sunday, 9:55am (depart at 10:00am sharp)

Place: Seton Park, 232/Independence

Route: to the Riverdale Bell Tower

Let’s give 18 minutes of our lives to help save theirs.

We will walk with the flags of the countries of the kidnapped. Wear red and/or shirts available at

Please visit: and join our Riverdale group or on WhatsApp click here:


Thu, July 18 2024 12 Tammuz 5784