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Thanksgiving 36

As we observe Thanksgiving this week Rabbi Linda invites you to join her in making a list of 36 things you are grateful for.   Send us the things YOU are thankful for so that we can share them anonymously with the Tehillah community.

Rabbi Linda's Gratitude List

  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. This amazing community
  4. My teachers
  5. Torah – it continually unfolds so is always relevant
  6. Health
  7. Home
  8. Food (especially soup)
  9. Continued learning from those around me ( young and a bit older)
  10. Music
  11. Color
  12. Light
  13. The night sky
  14. Books
  15. Memories of those no longer here
  16. Spiritual sustenance
  17. Leonard Cohen
  18. Discovering the music of Batya Levine
  19. Long walks
  20. Netflix
  21. Poetry
  22. Phone calls
  23. The internet (deeper appreciation when it isn’t functioning properly)
  24. Working with others
  25. Resilience
  26. A sense of humor
  27. The gift of improvisation
  28. Unexpected collaborations
  29. The ability to keep learning
  30. The toys on my desk
  31. The angels in my life
  32. The ability to feel awe and wonder
  33. To know that each and every day is a gift not to be repeated
  34. To live in the moment
  35. The traces of my parents that surround me
  36. Finding new ways of going forward when the old ones no longer work


Send us the things YOU are thankful for so that we can share them with the Tehillah community (anonymously). To do so, just reply to this message.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Fri, August 19 2022 22 Av 5782