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Tu B'Shvat Part II

Janurary 29, 2021

Our mitzvah of the week is usually an action that each of us can take, but sometimes before we act, we need to take a moment to reflect. With that in mind, I share the excerpts below with you and the link to the entire article: "Defying Entropy: The Challenge of Tu Bishvat" by Andrés Spokoiny.

"I’m writing these words in relation to the holiday of Tu Bishvat, also known as “the new year of the trees” so it’s only natural that we discuss trees. But there seems to be a universal law at play: Things that require ages to be built can be destroyed very fast...

"Tu Bishvat reminds us of the need to painstakingly invest in growing, pruning, and caring for a tree before we can enjoy its fruits. But, it’s not just that we need to care for those trees so that we can enjoy their fruit later; it’s seeing ourselves as if we were the world’s custodians, the conditional tenants in God’s house. We can make improvements to that house, but we have a responsibility to pass it on to the next generation."

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Fri, August 19 2022 22 Av 5782